Ramp Up Road Tour

Free, professional classes. Community engagement. Barista competition.

Coming to a city near you!


We are excited to announce that we are hitting the road this summer for a series of events called Ramp Up! Each Ramp Up event will be focused on professional development for baristas, with free classes and a skills-based competition called the Technical Throwdown. First prize is a Rancilio Rocky grinder, plus the buy-in cash and coffee swag!

Live in or around one of these cities? You will be able to click on the city once registration becomes available. Stay tuned for event details!


Get Tickets | 6/13 Chicago, IL

Get Tickets | 6/14 Milwaukee, WI

Get Tickets | 6/15 Minneapolis, MN

Get Tickets | 6/19 Omaha, NE

Get Tickets | 6/21 Kansas City, MO

Get Tickets | 6/22 St. Louis, MO

7/19 Indianapolis, IN

7/20 Nashville, TN

7/24 Birmingham, AL

7/25 Atlanta, GA 

7/27 Louisville, KY

8/8 Detroit, MI

8/10 Pittsburgh, PA

8/15 New York City, NY

8/16 Lancaster, PA

8/18 Cincinnati, OH




3:00 PM - scheduled competitor practice

Every competitor gets 25 minutes with the RS1, Compak E10, coffee, and milk.

4:00 PM - basic espresso tech class

Learn about espresso machine components and how they operate. Great for those interested in branching out into tech or for those simply interested in learning how espresso machines operate.

5:00 PM - espresso theory class

Learn what coffee experiences in an espresso machine. No matter your skill level, you will definitely learn something!

6:00 PM - community speaker

Keynote speaker or class of host/community’s choosing.

7:00 PM - technical throwdown competition begins

Details and rules below.

The Ramp Up road tour will kick off on June 13 at Groundswell Coffee Roasters in Lincoln Square, Chicago! It's free to attend, but make sure you grab a ticket here first!



Round 1 : Dial-in Challenge

Head to head, single elimination skills rounds, 16-32 competitors.

  • Dial in and serve 3 espressos as fast as possible with 3 flavor calls

Fastest winner gets an AeroPress!

Round 2 : Technical Pours

Head to head, judged on throwdown rules, but a tech judge scores on bar etiquette. Competitors are judged on a 5 point yes-or-no scale:

  • wiped and purged steam wand

  • emptied puck

  • cup cleanliness

  • didn’t touch the rim

  • no spills remaining

Round 3: Difficulty Pours

Head to head, traditional throwdown rules, except for each point a competitor missed in the previous round, they must choose an added difficulty:

  • Pour into a to-go cup

  • Pour using a bad pitcher

  • Pour into a 60g yield

  • Steam using 30% power

  • Non-dominant pour

Final Round: Host Rules

Up to host as long as it is reasonable and coffee-focused.



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Zachary Pearson