The Barista League - Zagreb, Croatia

Rancilio Specialty teamed up with The Barista League for the Zagreb Coffee Weekend in Croatia! Join our very own coffee specialist Andrew Bettis and the Rancilio Group NA crew as we recap the innovative festival hosted by RnB (Restaurant and Bar) Weekend.

Event Description

Zagreb Coffee Weekend is a fun festival for coffee and food and beverage industries with tons of exciting workshops, coffee demos, beer garden, food stalls, and The Barista League competition. It’s going to be fun!




Teams will have 15 minutes to brew four drinks with the RS1 for the judges – two (2) espressos, one alternative beverage drink and one wildcard drink to be selected by the audience. Each drink must have at least a single espresso to be considered for judging. Teams will have the following plant based beverages to choose from to make their ‘milk bev’: Soy, Almond, Coconut and Oat. Teams can choose one or blend to get the best result possible.

On top of the scoring criteria for each drink (below), teams will be docked points for leaving the station in a mess – minus 5 points for ‘this is out of control’ through to no penalty for ‘damn my co-worker is amazing, look how nice they left the station for me’.

Teams will be able to dial in their drinks and test out all the equipment in their training time during the day.


Teams will have 5 minutes to taste and guess the ingredients of 5 water based infusions. These will all be made using real ingredients from the flavor wheel and then colored to make it extra challenging. There will be just one flavor per cup and all ingredients have been chosen from the Flavor Wheel.


Teams will receive an Ikawa sample roaster, a Baratza Virtuoso grinder and a choice of ONE of three green coffees. In their one (1) hour training time they will have the opportunity to test and sample roast the coffee. At the end of the hour period, the teams have to leave the roasting station clean and ready for the next team.

Then during Round 1 – when preparing their drinks on stage – teams will also be asked to roast their sample coffee. Teams are free to adjust their profile from their training time, but all roasting has to be done on stage. The roasted sample will be coded and prepared for cupping.

During the third round, TBL will set out all twelve roasted coffees on a cupping table (double blind) to be evaluated by the judges and all of the teams.

Each judge will choose their top three favorite cups (30 pts, 20 pts, 10 pts) and each team will choose their favorite cup (10 pts). The total number of points per team will be capped at 100 points.

The green coffees will be announced and presented on the morning of the event.


The Barista League will be taking the winners from Helsingborg, Croatia, and the US together on one special mystery vacation. The three teams will fly to SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA for a choose-your-own-coffee-adventure vacation.