SCA 2019 Recap



12 Roasters. 3 Days.

Let’s be honest, the tradeshow floor can be an unpleasant experience for coffee. Imagine having to dial in at a new coffee shop on unfamiliar equipment (and sometimes unfamiliar tech) with different water than you’re used to, in like 15 minutes. It’s hard to blame the coffee or the barista with so many new variables.

This year we incorporated a new metric to make the dial-in process on our equipment easier: a coffee density test. By measuring the density of coffee, we were able to understand how much heat each coffee would want to see. Essentially, the more dense the coffee, the more heat it needs to free up the tasty compounds that we want.

As we tasted delicious coffee from 12 amazing roasters, we saw radically different densities. From a low density Hawaiian Gesha to a super dense, light roasted Castillo/Caturra from Colombia, we saw temperature delivery range from 195 to a whopping 208! Amazingly, there was a high correlation between coffee density and temperature producing some super tasty results. We are working on a video that gets into the specifics of how this calculation works, so stay tuned for that!

We really had a blast in Boston: throwing down at the Expo launch party, meeting and learning from amazing coffee professionals, and building new relationships within our vibrant, ever growing industry. We can’t wait to see where the next year takes us.

Our recap…

What we loved:

The Barista League Flavor Wheel Feud.

George Howell’s signature beverage menu.

What we regretted:

Not visiting more coffee shops in Boston

Maciej’s shellfish allergy.

We’ll leave you with this video from the USCC Latte Art Competition at the Expo launch party:

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